About us

R2H visioned to be market leader in providing sustainable and efficient mode of  transportation across India 
Its mission goes with to provide integrated solution  to meet daily commuting need at an affordable price.
R2H is young organisation with team of highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals from automotive and clean energy sector. Keeping the vision and Mission in sight, R2H decided to bring locally designed and manufactured ecycle, that can suit local market need. Indian market doesn't need just another eCycle, but need the product, that can meet our daily commuting requirements.
Our R&D scientists spent quality time to understand customer needs and provide quality vehicle using best of technology. That contributed in creating ultra durable frame, highly efficient and durable BLDC motor and best of of power source. 
R2H Motors was incorporated in 2016 and manufacturer of electric vehicles with a state of the art manufacturing facility and office located at Ghaziabad, near Delhi.
R2H Motors entered the Electric Vehicles market after 4 years of extensive research in Electric Bicycles and Scooters segment with its wide range of premium products.

State of Art facility

Success lies with quality product that can not only meet customer expectations but exceed their expectations. It means , hard work on multiple front
1.    Product design and development facility : Shorter and shorter life span of product clubbed with  global market exposure, puts big challenge on design team. Product design must need to take care global best practice on the same time must need to incorporate local challenges and differences. Indian infrastructural constraints like lack of public charging facility, uneven road, speed breakers, wide range of climate has to be addressed by smart and efficient product design.


2.    Robust internal Process 
Consistency in product quality is assured by maintain robust internal quality process. Each and every process is not only standardized but even worked continuousely to improve 


3.    Internal Quality assurance system:  Quite a large percentage of population is thoroughly tested at different stage of process to ensure flawless end product.


It is next generation electric bike developed for user with daily local commute of less than 40 km a day. It provides benefit of bike combined with flexibility and traffic convenience of cycle. It can run 30+km with single recharge and flexibility to use motor as well as paddle based on needs or choice. User have alternative to use it for fitness(manual mode) during normal commute. It provides, traffic convenience due to light weight and good maneuverability. Battery can be charged at any point with 5 Amp socket or can carry battery to desk (removable). Cycle can run with Max speed of 25 Kmph. Zero emission is not just norm but necessity. Even power pack is Non Hazardous.

Attributes Conventional Bike Electris Scooter Electric Bike (Cycle) eRideLite
No Licence Required
No Registartion Required
Combine health and Convenience
Easy integration with other mode
Reliable - Paddle
Superior Ride
Distance between Recharge    
Maintenance Free motor    
24 Hrs Online / Telephonic support
1 Year Battery Warranty    



Competent and dynamic team is key driver for R2H Motors


Ajeet Kumar:  NIT Kurukshetra graduate with Mechanical engineering  with 23 years of industrial experience. 1st 10 years with automotive sector specially with OEM’s like Ford Motor & Daewoo Motors. Core areas of expertise includes, Manufacturing,  Sourcing,  New product development,  Process engineering excellence. 

Amit  Kumar: Master in Agricultural Economics and a senior banker with  13+ years of experience with PSU bank.   Worked across multiple verticals and functions. Eagle eye on datas and Its implications on project / product lifecycle.

Amit Kumar Choudhary: A technocrat with graduation from EDEXCEL UK, with MCA  & MBA degree, with 10+ years of experience Power electronics, Solar PV Technology, Data logger systems, Ride Control Systems, Robotics , automation and communication systems. On the list of trainers for various Premier Engineering colleges including IIT, DRDO and many other Boards. Leading development of Electrical and Electronic components like Controller, BMS, Charger & Display gauge. 

Amit Rausa: Hands on guy with 10 years of experience in cycling industry specially with OEM like Hero Cycle.  Very good innovator  and desire for perfection. 

Kannu Tyagi: A hands on guy with 20+ years of experience in motor manufacturing & Service. Hard core technical guy with aptitude for perfection. Have prior experience in working with BLDC motors