Know your eRideLite

eRideLite is “The Next Generation Electric Bike” designed , developed and manufactured for India and Indian . eRideLite, the ease of an electric vehicle combined with the fitness aspect of a geared cycle, all at an unbelievable price!

Made In India



Dual Mode

eRideLite is the revolutionary way to go places. You can ride your new eRideLite multi way. 
a)    Mechanical Driving : This is the most common way to drive the cycle without switching on the power from battery pack. There are seven speed gear available in , you can shift the gears while driving with the help of gear shift provided just above the throttle.
b)    Power Only : Switch ON the power supply from battery pack provided on the rear side of e-Cycle &  and just twist throttle (Similar to motor bike). It works without any paddling. 
c)    Dual Mode: Best result comes when you do slow paddling and pull rest of powers from motor. This will give you pleasure of cycle ride and convenience of motor bike .
In case of steep ride put paddle with less throttle. Less  throttle will provide maximum torque so best control on steep surface. 


Available in two model
eRL 50: 
eRL 90: 
Available in two color : Display product for each color

Available in two frame size
16” :  Goes well for rider with height 5feet 6 inch or less
17”  : Goes well for rider with height 5 feet 6 inch and 


The answer to this is very simple:
•    We decided to locally produce all the critical / unique components.
•    We hired people with the right technology skills to do this for us .
•    We value engineered the product, to provide the  features you need the most.
•    We negotiated hard with vendors to keep costs at a minimum 
•    We decided to operate on a reasonable margin rather than high profits.

Technical Specifications

  eRL50 eRL90  
Range with single charge, Km   50 90
Maximum Speed, Kmph 25 25
Acceleration 0-20 Kmph 10sec 10sec
Motor, BLDC  36V, 250 W  36V, 250W 
Battery, Li-Ion 36 V  10 Ah  15 Ah
Charging Time, Hrs  5 5
Weight, Kg  25 25
Display Gauge  LED  LCD 
Frame  16”  & 17.5”  16”  & 17.5”
Wheel  26” X 1.75”  26” X 1.75”